The Best Holiday Movies

It’s that time of the year and at this point, you’re already three weeks into ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. There are the classics like A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Miracle on 34th Street. There are amazing animations including The Polar Express and The Year Without a Santa Clause. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a staple in almost every home and some people even share a laugh over Jingle All the Way and Fred Claus. Then you have those people whose favorite Christmas movie is Batman Returns or Harry Potter just because of the short scenes that time of the year in Gotham or at Hogwarts. Let’s not forget about Die Hard either.

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A Normal Person’s Normal Day of Eating

We’re all human, far from perfect and susceptible to bad decisions. Yesterday, I had one of those truly mortal moments when at the end of a relatively clean day of eating, I lost it… all. As a result, I thought I would share in a somewhat educational and somewhat comedic way, what my day of caloric consumption looked like.

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7 Ways 30 Days of Yoga Has Helped Me

I told you awhile ago I started a 30-Day Yoga program. Well, I have! And I wanted to share the benefits that I found throughout this program. If you’re wondering, I used “Yoga with Adriene“–a down-to-earth goofy Texan lady who spreads good vibes. It’s a program of variety–one day you’ll work on breathing, the next on sun salutations, the next on Warrior poses. She keeps it fresh, interesting, and offers variations on each pose. If you know me, you know that flexibility is one of my weakest areas. So even though I’ve been doing yoga off and on for years, I’m still not close to an advanced level. My problem is keeping up with it! So how have 30 days of yoga helped me? Let me count the ways…

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First Reactions to the New Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As I sit in bed at 1:30 am after watching the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I am filled with many different thoughts, feelings, and emotions. As you know, I did my best to avoid trailers, billboards, or spoilers of any kind. Star Wars is a universe near and dear to my heart. I was very excited to see the movie (hype that was dramatized even more so due to our theater sucking and delaying the screening) and definitely want to see it again. Here I will share my very first, brief thoughts and feelings regarding the new film. There will be no spoilers beyond things you have already seen in trailers. My apologies for the disorganized scatter of thoughts below.

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Top Ten Manga of 2015

In 2014, we saw the end of Kenichi (12 years) and Claymore (13 years) with 2015 having a colossal ending with Naruto (15 years). With One Punch Man and Attack on Titan finally grabbing some attention in the United States after six years, the scene is certainly changing. With some very questionable anime adaptations of great manga, such as Toriko, I’ve become even more excited for my manga releases and less for most anime.

Dragon Ball Z is making a resurgence with some major motion picture releases, but nothing sets the scene like some good old-fashioned, black and white panels full of unique artwork and storylines. Here are the ten manga that I am currently enjoying the most, in no particular order. Of course, I realize Hunter x Hunter isn’t on my list. I’ve also neglected any one-shots released in 2015, or adaptations of series such as Star Wars, as well as spin-offs because Fairy Tail has too many to be counted right now. 

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Five Last Minute Gifts for Him

Christmas is right around the corner, so that’s why we got your back for gifts! We know you may be busy, y’know, with a full-time job and a family or something, so we’ve created a little list. This list is easy last-minute gifts ideal for “him”! We hope this makes your holiday shopping a little easier. Whether he’s an athlete, a handyman, or an organizer, there’s something here for him!

1. TRYM II – There’s no need to have a big set of hair clippers and an overly large groomer. This has attachments that allow you to cut your hair, face, or body the way you want. It has a convenient vertical charging stand that doesn’t take up much space, looks good, and doesn’t use batteries. $30, Amazon Prime.

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Are You Ready for Star Wars?

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you KNOW that the new Star Wars movie is coming out this week. It’s all over the news, the face of any possible medium of advertisement, and if you have any friends, they’ve probably mentioned it. The world is buzzing. It’s a monumental week.

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If I Were Organized…

A lot of things can get in the way of working out: laziness, lack of time, lack of motivation, or injuries, to name a few. However, another reason, a big one that a lot of people don’t realize is organization. Or rather, lack thereof. This one is lurking reason that weaves other reasons together to seem as the real thing. If your life isn’t organized, things like other activities, time, and such are going to get in the way. So, I want to do a quick exercise with you to get ORGANIZED.

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Tough Mudder with the Panda Nation

In October of 2016, I will be competing in a Tough Mudder with the World Wild Fund for Nature’s Panda Nation. I have set a goal to raise a significant amount of money by that event and in the interest of getting right to the point, please read my story below and visit my page. Any gifts would be greatly appreciated, but don’t worry, you’ll be hearing plenty more about this in the next ten months because setting ridiculous goals can help you be accountable on the path of getting hungry & fit!

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