Getting Back At It

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and every night you have a holiday party booked. An ugly sweater here, a kiss under the mistletoe there, and one too many glasses of eggnog everywhere. As we look towards making resolutions for 2016, let’s try to survive 2015 first and as we’re shoving endless calories and drinks down our throats, let’s try to balance that with something to help us recover.


Getting plenty of sleep, eating clean while you’re not out, continuing to exercise, throwing in some extra strength workouts, and avoiding illness are key components to finish 2015 strong. Treat your body to some extra stretching sessions or a massage and treat your mind to some meditation or a nice reading session. Also, make sure you’re providing your body with the necessary nutrients to enhance all of your activities. 

While you might be cycling through different proteins, multivitamins, or other minerals, EVOLVE offers something that you probably haven’t seen before, but might need this time of the year. Their hangover prevention pill comes in the form of three vegetarian capsules that are made in the USA, gluten-free, kosher, and composed of natural ingredients. More importantly to some, they’re odorless, tasteless, and easy to swallow due to their small size and smooth exterior. They’re also travel-friendly so no matter where you wake up, if you can find your pants, you can find these.


They’re composed of Vitamin C and multiple B vitamins, other minerals, Prickly Pear extract, and Milk Thistle extract. Evolve guarantees that these will aid in your hangover recovery and will make sure your late night habits don’t have such an impact on the next day. At Hungry & Fit, we want you to find a healthy lifestyle that you can enjoy and maintain while staying hungry and fit. If you’re going to take a toll on your body, pay that toll before it adds up!

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