Top Ten Manga of 2015

In 2014, we saw the end of Kenichi (12 years) and Claymore (13 years) with 2015 having a colossal ending with Naruto (15 years). With One Punch Man and Attack on Titan finally grabbing some attention in the United States after six years, the scene is certainly changing. With some very questionable anime adaptations of great manga, such as Toriko, I’ve become even more excited for my manga releases and less for most anime.

Dragon Ball Z is making a resurgence with some major motion picture releases, but nothing sets the scene like some good old-fashioned, black and white panels full of unique artwork and storylines. Here are the ten manga that I am currently enjoying the most, in no particular order. Of course, I realize Hunter x Hunter isn’t on my list. I’ve also neglected any one-shots released in 2015, or adaptations of series such as Star Wars, as well as spin-offs because Fairy Tail has too many to be counted right now. 

Toriko – Food and fighting, two of my favorite things, and both have been taken to the next level recently. The trip into the Gourmet World and meeting of some powerful characters including the Eight Kings is leading to a big climax in 2016. The real question is, where is Ichiryu?

One Punch Man – While we’re still waiting to meet Blast, who countless fan theories exist for, Garou’s recent clash with Metal Bat during the Centipede Arc has really started to show us that he;’s going to be a long-term villain, or possibly an anti-hero at some point. It’s exciting to speculate as Saitama moves closer to Class A.

Hajime no Ippo – Somehow I’m still reading this after over a thousand chapters, but Morikawa knows to throw Takamaru in the mix to bring us back into it after a harsh loss or a painfully drawn out fight. Let’s see how Ippo recovers from that last one.

One Piece – Dressrosa was exciting, although it was a bit on the long side. After seeing Gear 4, we don’t know what to expect from Luffy next, but what’s even more intriguing is the limitation of Zoro’s power. The anime didn’t show it, but he made it through that whole arc without as much as a scratch, despite fighting an Admiral and a top-tier executive in the Doflamingo family. Now show me what happened when Jack attacked Doffy’s transport and the showdown that may or may not happen between Blackbeard and Dragon.

Fairy Tail – Wow, last week’s chapter was exactly what we all expected, whether you thought Natsu or Happy would be the one to not deliver the finishing blow. As the war wages on outside of the guild, let’s see what Gray does when he discovers that Natsu is END. 

Freezing – As if this showdown wasn’t becoming ridiculous enough as it is after Kazuya unleashes his insane dormant power. With super-powered Rana getting her legs cut off (normal in this), his younger sister, Arcadia, shows up and starts to go off on the Legendary Pandora. 

Bleach – It’s been a tough year or so for Bleach. The anime went downhill, many fans thought the series should have ended long ago, but here we are moving slowly towards a climax. I’m waiting for the Zero Division to unveil their true power and then the Elite Guard to power up even more, repeat that process a couple of times, let the main characters release their super-powered secret Bankai technique only to be one hit killed by someone else and yeah… this is what Bleach has become. Still, I’m committed and waiting to see exactly what will happen when Ichigo and Yhwach have another showdown, unless Ishida gets in the way. Who knows, but I’m in it for the long run at this point.

Attack on Titan – Eren’s doing such a great job vs the Armored Titan that Reiner realizes he’ll need to go to plan B and look for some backup, but before he even gets there Lightning Spears nearly finish him off. What’s interesting is that Reiner’s “wait” might have had some depth and meaning to it. Either way, I need to find out what’s in that basement and we’re getting closer. 

Sukedachi Nine – There haven’t been many issues yet and they’re spread far apart in releases, but I’m extremely intrigued by the concept. It’s an interesting look at the future and it takes the death penalty to a whole different level. With a new member on the team, we’re finding out more about the history of the story, but I have a feeling this one won’t be extremely lengthy.


Dragon Ball Super – Unlike GT, this is canon and this is Toriyama. We’re about to see power taken to a whole new level as Beerus and Champa are setting up a competition that could change the universe. I’m excited to see the new powerful characters that will make Frieza and Buu look like Hercule.

That’s it–let me know what you’re reading right now and what you’re looking forward to in 2016! Stay hungry and fit!

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