If I Were Organized…

A lot of things can get in the way of working out: laziness, lack of time, lack of motivation, or injuries, to name a few. However, another reason, a big one that a lot of people don’t realize is organization. Or rather, lack thereof. This one is lurking reason that weaves other reasons together to seem as the real thing. If your life isn’t organized, things like other activities, time, and such are going to get in the way. So, I want to do a quick exercise with you to get ORGANIZED.


All it’s going to entail is a little thought and a list. We can do that, right? Basically, we’re thinking about a day in which we are completely organized. What things go well, what things happen? Let me give you some examples for mine:

If I were organized, I would…

-Have my clothes laid out for the next morning

-Have my workouts for the week planned on Sunday

-Finish each chore needed each day

Those are just THREE of many things that would happen or that I would do on a completely organized day/week. This list could be fifty things long. If you create this list, you imagine how your day could be organized. This leads you to making time for your health, for exercise, for workouts. It’ll help clear a path in your mind in which your day can be as organized as you can make it. This frees up time here and there that could really help you in the long run. Try this exercise to stay hungry and fit!



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