A Luxury Prosecco You Can Actually Afford

If you’re like us, you’re on a budget. You can’t just buy whatever your heart desires, otherwise, you might find yourself in some serious debt. If you’re doubly smart, you’re even saving money, too! That requires a stricter budget. But you know us, even if we’re being frugal, we are still having fun whether it be going on an adventure, saving up for a Disneyland trip, or treating ourselves to some yummy food and drink. We do this in ways that we can actually afford them–affordable luxuries you may call them. I feel very lucky to be able to add one more to that list! Meet VOVETI Prosecco, a drink way fancier than me, but one that I can actually afford



This prosecco may outclass me, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of my price range! That is something I sincerely appreciate. That I can come home to a wonderful home-cooked dinner by my partner, invite some friends over, and pop open a bottle of prosecco without my wallet crying. This sentiment may seem superficial, but it’s not. While you’re on a budget, feeling proud that you’re sticking to it, but not letting yourself have much, it’s important to be able to feel like you can afford a luxury every once in awhile. It’s like plunging along through gray days and these little luxuries give you some color. They make you appreciate things so much more and make you work harder at saving and being money-smart. So, being able to pop open a bottle of prosecco gives me some pleasure. It adds some fanciness to my everyday life.

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Now that you can appreciate that it’s an affordable luxury, let me dive in on the luxury part. Just because they make it affordable to thrifty people, doesn’t mean VOVETI cops out on the quality. I encourage you to look around their website–they have a lot of history of their prosecco, food pairings, and other fun tidbits of information. Did you know that VOVETI only produces 15,000 cases a year? That screams high-quality. The taste is smooth and it goes down easily. Flavors linger even after you’ve finished a sip. It’s beautifully crafted and it makes you feel chic drinking it (even though I am far from chic). It has a refined taste which in turn makes you feel like you’re sitting in Italy, enjoying a glass amongst the vineyards. Another fun fact: VOVETI is a collaboration between two families, Collavini and Ferrer (find out more about the heritage here), bringing FOUR generations of prosecco expertise to the table. If that doesn’t produce excellence, I don’t know what does. 

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You can tell I’m excited about this product: it’s affordable, it’s a luxury, and it’s beautiful to taste. From my first glass, I was a huge fan. If you’d like to try, use this prosecco locator they have on their website and give their website a look-over in general. If you’re a fan of prosecco, I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Remember, even though you’re on a budget, allow yourself a few luxuries–and this one won’t break the bank. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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