Meditation on Love

To continue our theme of thanks and giving, let’s do a short meditation on love. This will only take a few minutes and give you a great deal of happiness down the way. They say being grateful keeps us happy, but also healthy and I think it’s worth it no matter what. Being grateful makes you humble and thankful for what you have. That weeds out a lot of negative emotions. Negative emotions are like vines slowly wrapping around your body and neck, tightening until you can barely breathe. Love can combat that! Let’s get started.


This meditation is best done before you get out of bed in the morning or before you go to sleep, although it can be done any time.

Close your eyes. 

Be still, be quiet. 

Place your hands like a diamond or a heart on top of your stomach.

Start to listen to your breath. Feel it rise in your tummy. 

Purposefully breathe, now. Slow breaths, in and out. 

Count your breaths, inhale on 1, exhale on 2, inhale on 3, exhale on 4 and so forth until you reach 10. Then start over again. Do three rounds of this until you feel in tune with your breath and at peace.

Now imagine a moment. A moment where you felt full of love. This could be many things:

-Your partner showering you with kisses before they go to work

-Your dog staying to protect you on your bed even when she wants to go greet whoever is at the door so badly

-Your child clinging to your leg, telling you how much he loves you

-Your friend driving through a storm to get to your side

-Laughing with your coworkers

Anything far and in between. Just feel that powerful emotion of love. Let it radiate all over, up and down your body. Feel it center in your stomach and your heart.

Continue to breathe, to imagine that moment, and smile with all the positive energy flowing. Know that you are loved and that you have the ability to love. 

Continue for a few more rounds of breaths. Then, open your eyes and start/end the day!

This meditation can set the day or night on such an amazing note, I highly suggest it. It doesn’t take longer than five minutes, although you can do it as long as you want to. Feeling positive feelings like love, gratitude, trust, and thankfulness can completely change your day. Meditate to stay hungry and fit!

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