NETA Group Exercise Workshop in Los Angeles

If you read our recent post about NASM’s effort to enter the Group Exercise market through their strategic acquisition of AFAA, you might remember we discussed the current hierarchy of certifications in the industry. While we didn’t give you the whole picture, you saw a glimpse and got an idea of who the heavy hitters were in group exercise. One organization we didn’t mention happens to currently be one of the only two that has NCCA Accreditation for both their personal trainer and group exercise instructor courses. In fact, I’ve looked through a lot of fitness professional catalogs and they might have the most diverse of all. They are NETA. (I spend at least ten minutes a day explaining acronyms in the fitness and aquatics industries to people.)

Source: NCCA

Well, I’m excited to say that my facility will be hosting two of their courses in late February. On Saturday the 27th, there will be a Group Exercise Certification course, which is NCCA-accredited. Essentially that means if you’re an aspiring fitness professional, health clubs will be more likely to hire you because this standard grants the credibility that you have a proper education and also look better for liability and legal concerns. This also helps if you’re looking to start your own fitness business, even if you don’t have a facility. You can find our more about it here.

The second course will be Sunday the 28th and it is the Barre Connect Specialty Certification.  I recently installed thirty feet of ballet bar at our facility since it’s one of the hottest new trends in fitness. It’s versatile and can be used for all populations, including different age groups and skill levels. This certification would allow you to teach barre classes at a facility such as the one I manage. Beyond that, you’ll learn a lot about posture, flexibility, techniques, and how to develop both strength and cardiovascular capacity in this one day class. Find out more here.


The classes are extremely different so please read the pages that are linked in-depth. Group Exercise includes early bird price options if you register now while barre is far less complex. There is also a written examination for the group exercise certification that I will be administering so I recommend following the guidelines listed and studying up before hand if you’re a new fitness professional.  If you do have any specific questions please leave a comment below.

Essentially, if you’re an aspiring fitness professional or an established one that wants to try something new, and you live in the Los Angeles area or will be here the last week of February, register now for these courses! You’ll learn a lot, build your resume, and set yourself for a successful career in the world of fitness. NETA is a reliable organization that offers great courses and has loads of continuing education options so your re-certification process isn’t always so boring! We all know that being bored is NOT a good way to stay hungry and fit!

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