Thinking about Giving

If we wrote a post for every dog, cat, fish, snake, and other animal in need then we would need a lot more staff. We’d also be publishing posts every second of every day, but we try to take every opportunity we can to be socially responsible and active. Every month, we make donations to two handfuls of non-profit organizations that focus on animals and world hunger. I’d love to add a third hand for the environment but I only have two right now. I won’t name them but if you’re curious, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Today, we’re going to direct your attention, and possibly some of the extra change you might have in your wallet or bank account to a handsome, very young man in need. His name is Bronx but before we get to him, let’s talk about giving.


Source: Facebook

Every day we give and we take. How many of those transactions benefit you? I know you don’t want to pay your gas and water bill, which I just did to two questionable organizations, but in return you’re receiving a hot shower and a warm bed where you can sleep. Sometimes you’re going to a nice restaurant and paying for a two person meal for $40, even though you could just make the same meal for well under a quarter of that price. Think about everything you’ve bought because you wanted it and didn’t need it. I’m not saying that you should regret it or not do it, but now think about something else. Think about all the time and money you’ve given knowing that you’re not getting anything out of it. 

We know what you’re thinking right now; you want us to get to the point. You’re thinking this is a little bit more rambling than other posts; it’s like a wild goose chase. Do you know why? The reward of the treasure hunt isn’t actually finding the treasure, it’s what you find out about yourself spending all that time thinking about why you’re doing what you’re doing. That’s what I’m trying to accomplish right now, without being too dramatic. Realistically, you might not be able to afford a monetary contribution to a cause, but if it’s something you believe in, you can always share it with others. 

Everyone knows someone who knows ten others someones that know another person who is very rich, generous, connected, etc. If you’re the link or the reason that person is reached, then you’ve played a larger role than you could have ever by giving a few dollars to a cause. 1000 friends on Facebook, 300 followers on Twitter, 200 more on Instagram, and 100 more on Pinterest later and 300 people might have possibly read your message. Out of those 300, even if five people shared it, you spread the word and that is the beauty, for the right cause, of social media. Everyone has an equal value or worth and can make an equal impact. 


Bronx is a dog that recently had a massive surgery. It would be the equivalent of a human not being able to use their hands for weeks. In a ten-year lifespan, this can be a huge detriment to one’s lifestyle, especially if the one thing you look forward to most every day is walking around the block with your best friend. I’m going to encourage you to click on that link on Bronx’s name, read the page, and consider one of two things. You can either make a monetary contribution or share it to someone or many people through social media. After you do that, think about a cause that you’re passionate about and see if there’s a way that you can contribute to that through either volunteering or providing funds. 

If I ever feel like I’ve had a bad day, have been unproductive, haven’t helped someone, or all of the above, I remember my monthly contributions to organizations that are fighting for what I believe and it helps me fall asleep like a rock, every night. Because being a good person, and sleeping well, are two really easy ways to help you stay hungry and fit!

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