Healthy Halloween Snack

PUMPKIN SEEDS. Yup. I know that you’re probably chock full of unhealthy Halloween treats like candy, pumpkin-flavored sugar bombs, and things that are weighing you down. So in between your sugar comas, try making this healthy Halloween snack: toasted pumpkin seeds. Plus, it’s incredibly easy. Takes almost no effort and the time is just in the baking of the seeds. Pumpkin seeds have a good amount of protein per ounce!

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LA Residents: Workout with Hungry into 2016!

Every year since 2013, the Westside Family YMCA (in the Sawtelle neighborhood of West Los Angeles) has had a three-month program to help individuals make it through the most challenging time of year for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The holidays present all kinds of travel issues such as staying at hotels, going out to eat a lot, huge meals with your family where saying no might be impolite, and just overall craziness. In this chaos, it’s hard to maintain balance, but we know that consistency is the key to success. Whether you’re trying to gain muscle mass, cut body fat, or just become stronger, you need to have a realistic and smart nutrition and exercise plan to accomplish these goals.

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How to Sleep Better with Arthritis

This post is brought to you by our friends at Adjustamatic

If you suffer from arthritis, you’ll understand how it can make even the simplest of everyday tasks like getting in and out of bed a major challenge. The discomfort caused by the condition can also lead to low-quality sleep, which can have a detrimental impact on your overall well-being. If you’re struggling to nod off at night due to painful, stiff joints, this simple guide should help.  

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Giveaway: Lululemon Bag from Phitt

It’s just two months away from the most wonderful time of the year, for us at least. What’s our favorite part of the last two weeks of the year? Giving, of course. Thus, we want to share this opportunity with you. Our friends over at Phitt are currently giving away an amazing Lululemon Gym-to-Win Duffel Bag. This bag runs about $150 and could be the perfect holiday present for yourself or someone else, so you might as well try.

Image Source: Phitt

Image Source: Phitt

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Learning How to Stretch

Very recently, I’ve been getting lower back spasms. It doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes at work when I’m sitting. It’s particularly worrying to me because those kind of things don’t really happen to me. Sure I’ll hurt myself doing something, but I don’t get chronic pain or ongoing behind-the-scenes stuff. Because it was so concerning to me, I wanted to get to the bottom of it immediately before anything got worse. So I got to thinking…what could of caused this? I looked up symptoms, treatments, causes…tight hamstrings, lack of strong core, poor posture. I then thought through my lifestyle lately, and realized I haven’t really stretched or done yoga in about 6 months. Yikes

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A Pizza Revolution: Pieology vs Pizza Rev

It might not have been Subway, but it seems that the sandwich juggernaut gets the credit for redefining the fast food experience. That extra amount of ownership that you have over the finished product because you had more of a, say, than normal in the constructive process brings you back for more. Chipotle is the latest company to turn billions of dollars from this consumer experience and while small poke shops are barely keeping their head above water doing the same, the dream remains for chefs and entrepreneurs. They’re looking for the perfect food for an untrained chef to put together lunch-lady style. This food would have to be easy to assemble, use inexpensive ingredients, and popular. Was anyone else thinking of pizza?

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Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Yes, this is Hungry and Fit. But sometimes, it can just be Hungry and not Fit. This is the case with this recipe. It’s not too bad, just a lot of butter, but not a copious amount of sugar. As you know, we recently moved and I wanted to test out the oven (the oven at our old place was awful). So I knew what Hungry would want…some good old fashion chocolate chip cookies. So after a little searching, I found the perfect chocolate chip cookies recipe. Soft, light, and gooey. Excuse me, I’m drooling. Eat up!!

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Last Week or so in Pics

Still enjoying the new neighoborhood

Still enjoying the new neighborhood

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Storytelling Friday: Your First Ever Personal Training Client

Greetings from our new apartment! We promise we will get back to you on a regularly scheduled basis! But for now….we want to tell a story! In this video, Hungry tells the story of his very first personal training client way back in the day! It’s a fun story and he shares some lessons that he himself learned on that day. This is a short story so take some time to watch sometime today while you’re trying not to fall asleep at work! 

Sometimes (most times) even personal trainers need trainers!

Sometimes (most times) even personal trainers need trainers!

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Did I Hit My Summer Goals?!

As summer comes to a close, so do my summer fitness goals! It’s been an incredibly busy summer (including a move and other travel), but I’ve been working hard on my goals. Like the true procrastinator I am, I got 2 out of 5 done within two days of my deadline. But I’m super proud of what I’ve accomplished. I haven’t set real fitness goals for myself in a while and it was amazing to do again.

Why do goals matter? Whether you’re a newbie or fitness vet, goals are important! You need something to strive towards, something to keep you honest. It’ll stop you from getting bored or not knowing what to do: it gives you direction. I want to keep creating goals so hopefully you will see goals come up every season! They will probably all have different themes. Like summer’s goals, for example, were all body weight based.

Anyhow, enough talk, onto my results!

Summer Fitness Goals:

-Goal #1: 20 consecutive push-ups

-Result #1 >> SUCCESS

Still keeping up some workouts
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