What Do Female Athletes Look Like?

This was inspired by observing high school female athletes. Being in your teens as a female comes with a ridiculous amount of self-esteem issues, self-judging, and self-criticism. Media doesn’t help this (but at least it’s getting semi-better) so girls think they all have to be that cookie-cutter shape–those “thigh gaps,” an unhealthy body fat percentage, and no muscle. I saw one girl, probably going home from sports practice, look at a car mirror to find her reflection. I can online imagine what was going through her mind when she looked at her thick thighs. And I want to say, GUESS WHAT GIRLS–you are athletes. And athletes aren’t “Angels” (see below). Your bodies have a purpose.

As Ronda Rousey, female martial artist, says, you are not a “do nothing b*tch.” You’re not supposed to look like a model, an angel, or anything like that. You are supposed to look like a star athlete in whatever sport you’re competing in. Whether that be tall and lean, tall and bulky, short and squat, short and little, or just average height and weight! It doesn’t matter what you look like, it matters what you can do: how you perform, how you compete, how you achieve. Female athletes come in all shapes and sizes, but every bit of their body has a use, has a purposeit is not just for looks.

Here are what female athletes look like (some NSFW material below):

THESE are what female athletes look like. Every inch of their body has purpose. Who cares if people find them attractive or not (but, power certainly is attractive, and “attractiveness” is so incredibly subjective)? They are beasts. If you are an athlete, your goal is not to be attractive, your goal is to perform as well as you can! That is why you train so hard. So female athletes, especially the young ones, don’t judge your body for thigh gaps and fat percentages–judge your body on how well you are able to perform for your particular sport. Get out there and kill it! And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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