HGTV Urban Oasis 2015

Stress can make your mind stronger over time but it typically makes your body weaker in the short run. You can lose and strength and endurance you’ve spent months to build or you might just make yourself more likely of catching a cold or virus (we are understanding that real well this week). We try to present ways to keep stress levels down and sometimes we just need good old-fashioned instant gratification. Since 2002 or so, I’ve been on a mission to win the HGTV Dream Home and although I haven’t won it yet, I’m not giving up. 

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What Contributes to Obesity: Calories or Inactivity?

Obesity is steadily becoming a more hot topic in American, which is good because there needs to be more awareness. With more discussion, comes more debate and such. Nutritionists have one opinion, personal trainers have another, and doctors even another. We’re just glad that they all agree that it is an important issue and we need to do all we can to combat it. In this video, Hungry discusses both sides of the coin: is it how many calories you eat or is it your inactivity? Or both?

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In addition to talking about studies and what research suggests, we give you some tips on how to combat gaining unhealthy weight for yourself! We always love feedback so feel free to comment here or on the video! Watch this video to stay hungry and fit!

Anima Pizza & Pasta

Right smack dab in the middle of Koreatown is Anima Pizza & Pasta, a restaurant that seems imported directly from Italy. It’s in walking distance of our apartment (think near Wilshire & Vermont) and we are so happy that it is! It’s actually in the same strip as another favorite restaurant of ours, so it’s twice the greatness. We discovered this gem late one night (think near 10pm) and we’ve been going back weekly ever since. The quality of the food far surpasses the dollar signs on their menu–it’s excellent food for a bargain. 

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Oatmeal Protein “Cookies”

Don’t you just feel like baking sometimes? The spur of creativity churning in the belly alongside the yearning to eat something delicious? I hear you and I hear that calling. Baking oftentimes contains buttery sugary goodness–but it doesn’t have to! If I don’t adhere to my normal 5:30am wake-up call, sometimes I feel rushed in the morning. That’s why when I saw The Buttercream‘s recipe, I was inspired to create my own oatmeal protein cookies to shove down my gullet in the morning (or any time of day). This recipe is ridiculously easy and the only sugar involved is from the honey! Healthy, quick, and delicious–three words that are wonderful together. 

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Wellness in the Workplace

 Working at a desk for hours, let alone a full day, can be more exhausting than a hard training session. It’s mentally draining as feelings of stiffness and soreness creep through your body. Movement is life. You think of water and air, two of the most essential components for life and how they effortlessly move through the most difficult and dangerous locations. 

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Wiki Poki Review

 As someone who grew up in the diner capital of the world, there’s some confusion when entering a restaurant that only serves one thing. Luckily, Wiki Poki also has miso soup. When you find an eatery that specializes in one particular delicacy, the execution of the dish has to be nearly flawless or success is unattainable. Just look at the fresh seafood that Wiki Poki uses to create their amazingly healthy and delicious containers of love. You walk in and out in no time with only $10 less than you entered with just a few minutes before. Secretly, I don’t want to write this glowing review because it will only lead to more traffic here and I want to keep it all to myself.


Post-workout goodness

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Home Leg Workout (No Equipment Necessary)

This post should really be called “How to Achieve a 4-Minute Wall Sit” because that’s what my goal is. You’ll remember from our Summer Fitness Goals, that I have several body weight goals. One of them is to–as you may have predicted–achieve a wall sit for four minutes. Now, four minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but you plomp your behind and a wall and see how long you last. This workout is designed to be high rep low weight to achieve muscle endurance. My poor legs need to build up muscle endurance to stay put for four minutes straight! I’m sweatin’ just thinking about it! So whether you’re trying to achieve a 4-minute wall sit or just want a home leg workout, this is for you!

1. Wall sit. As long as possible. I bet this was a shocker. Hold a wall sit for as long as you can before your legs give out. Make sure your legs are absolutely parallel to the ground and you aren’t leaning on your legs. Look like a chair!

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DIY Home Gym with Household Items

This post is brought to you by our friends at–we love their awesome tricks and ideas!

If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks when it comes to working out, all you need to do is get resourceful. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to use an elaborate machine or a treadmill with a TV screen—but you certainly don’t need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to stay in tip-top shape. In fact, some of your best workout tools may already be lying around your house. Here are just some of the home gym ideas and inspiration from Modernize.

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