We Dare You…to #GetActiveWDY!

That’s right, we dare YOU to get active–whatever it takes. Even though summer is winding down, that gives us no excuse to stop having summer fun! You know here at Hungry and Fit, we are all about getting active and enjoying ourselves while doing so! We encourage you to join us in getting and staying active for this month of August and beyond. We are partnering with UnitedHealthcare to bring this to you and to your friends and family! We’ve discussed time and time again about being the example, being the model for everyone else around you pays off. Not only does it inspire others, but it inspires you and enables you to give it your all every single time. 


Resting between sets of exercise!

So, we said we are daring you, right? It’s not just a dare to be active–no. We have three different dares for you. Oh, and did we mention that you can win prizes for each dare?! Let’s see what you have!

1. Play the Healthy Snack Concentration Game. This combines mental power plus nutrition knowledge. It’s just like the game of Memory, but with this game, it’s much simpler PLUS you have a chance of winning a $400 pre-paid gift card. Try it here!

2. Take the Muscle Health QuizNow, we hope that each and every one of our followers aces this quiz after knowing our content! It’s a very short quiz and for this one, you could win a $400 sporting goods gift card. Heck yeah–do it!

3. Post Yourself Being ActiveFinally, just show what ya got! Show the world that you’re being active and you’re taking control of your health. You can do it through any social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or also on the website here. Don’t forget your hashtag– #GetActiveWDY. For this one, you get another chance at a $400 pre-paid gift card!

If you weren’t already excited about combining dares and being active, I bet you are now. We are going to do the dares ourselves as well. Be an inspiration! Be an enabler! Comment below and tell us how YOU plan to be active this month. Be active to stay hungry and fit!

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