Good Morning Meditation

It’s easy to go about our morning either dazed and confused or rushed and panicked. Then how does that make the next few hours play out? The day, even? With just five to ten minutes (even less sometimes!), you can set the right intention for the day and get into the mindset you want to be in. I find this much more preferable than the craze that our minds and therefore focus can get whipped into. So here’s a simple good morning meditation to try to do each morning and start the day right. This can be done any time of the day, but I find that the morning is great for setting the day up.

Find a comfortable seated position or laying position (if you won’t fall asleep). If you’re seated, sit up straight and tall. If you’re laying, be still and unbothered.

Start with one big breath. Feel it reach into your lungs, large and full. Feel your body expand. And let that breath go out the mouth.

Now keep your breath in and out of your nose, if possible. Let’s try to be consumed in the breath. Breathe in (one), breathe out (two), breathe in (three), breathe out (four), and so on until you reach ten. Once you reach ten, start at one again. Let’s do this for at least six rounds, preferably more if you have time. If you find that thoughts are pulling you away from your focus, then just gently realize that and bring the mind back to the breath.

After several minutes of breath meditation, let us move our mind to our body briefly. Start by picturing your toes and slowly move up until you reach the top of your head. Visualize each part of your body and check in with it. Is something tight? Warm? Aching? Feel everything through and just mentally note it.

Now that we are in check with our breath and our body, it’s time to set the intention for the day. This is up to you. What do you feel you are in need of today? What do you feel that you have too much of or want less of in your day? Ponder on that and then you can begin. For example, this morning I chose that I wanted to bring in more focus and push out distraction. Using elements of our breathing meditation from before, let’s set that intention.

IMG_1593 (1)

Breathe in. Picture the word, the feeling you want more of–real wrap yourself in it.

Breathe out. Let go of that other word of feeling.

For me it was, breathe in–focus. Breathe out–distraction. Do this for a minute or so. Take in what you want, and let go of what you don’t want.

Once you have finished setting your intention, take a big breath and fill your lungs. Then give out a large exhale, through the mouth, loudly.

Slowly open your eyes, smile, and find that you are ready for whatever the day brings. It’s a wonderful way to start the day and I sincerely encourage you to do so. Meditate every day to stay hungry and fit!

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