Wellness in the Workplace

 Working at a desk for hours, let alone a full day, can be more exhausting than a hard training session. It’s mentally draining as feelings of stiffness and soreness creep through your body. Movement is life. You think of water and air, two of the most essential components for life and how they effortlessly move through the most difficult and dangerous locations. 


Through movement, we live. Through movement, we are forced to find balance in our lives and this challenge helps keep both our mind and body sharp. It hones our instincts and develops our muscles. So why do we stop ourselves from moving so often? Why do we sit at a desk for hours at a time, depriving our body of one of its most important sources of growth?
Your boss might not allow you to use a treadmill desk or even a standing desk but even with your feet hidden from sight, there is much we can do to stay in motion. But who would help you with that? FluidStance, a Santa Barbara company, claims that you were designed to move but your workplace was not, so why not redefine the workplace? Why not use something as essential as motion?
With The Level under your feet when you’re standing at a desk, you’re constantly in motion. Engaging the muscles in your legs to maintain balance isn’t enough with this deck that moves 360 degrees. You need to use your core to keep facing forward but as you start turning, you might have to even rely on your arms for some more support. It’s the ultimate increase in productivity, but this time, it’s not all for your boss’s deadline; it’s for you. It’s wellness in the workplace!
Even if you don’t have a standing desk, keep it under your feet while sitting at your desk and challenge the muscular endurance in your lower legs. Even while you’re home making dinner or washing the dishes, maximize your time. We’re all so busy nowadays that multitasking is one of the only ways to earn some time to ourselves. Enhance your life by staying in motion. Use The Level to find a little bit more balance and stay hungry and fit!

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