Summer Outdoor Workout Tips

Our friends at Grape-Nuts are always thinking about movement and health–and how they can power us through the day. As you know, we love Grape-Nuts and have since we were little. With summer beating down on us, here are a few tips from Grape-Nuts that we heartily agree with to keep you working out through the heat!


  • Time your workout wisely: The early morning is the best time for an outdoor workout! Avoid working out between 10am and 3pm when the sun is at its strongest. 
  • Pre-cool your body: Before working out, lower your core body temp to increase your endurance. Stay in air-conditioned room, take a cold shower or sip on a cold drink one hour before exercise. You can also use an ice pack or cold towel on your neck. 
  • Snack smart: Have a light snack prior to starting your workout. Grape-Nuts’ Pre-Workout Energy Shot offers a healthy combination of carbs and protein for extra energy to push through.
  • Protect your skin: Apply oil-free and sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to help prevent sunburn. Select a sweat-proof variety to prevent sunscreen from irritating your eyes. Sunglasses and a lightweight hat can also be helpful to block the sun’s rays. 
  • Slow your pace: Your body’s temperature rises as you exercise harder and longer. Move with less intensity or do intervals vs. a non-stop workout to avoid overheating. Take more breaks and slow down a bit, especially in extreme heat. 
  • Get Creative: To avoid having to bring exercise equipment with you, rely on body weight exercises such as squats, lunges, planks and push-ups to tone your arms, legs and abs. 
  • Drink Up and Refuel: Drink water every 15 minutes and refuel immediately post-workout. A smoothie with coconut water is a quick and easy way to do so while also bringing your body temperature back down. Grape-Nuts Post-Workout Tropical Refresheris one recipe that will get the job done! Grape-Nuts contributes added whole grains and helps make for a heartier shake.

What do you think about these tips? Mine is all about timing my workouts. If I am working out outside, there is no way I’m exercising past 9am or before 8pm during these summer days. I see people running at these noon in 80 degree heat and I just don’t get it. Props to them, but I do not like extreme heat. Take some tips from Grape-Nuts to stay hungry and fit!


They love each other

They love each other

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