Hungry & Fit Food Truck Event!

This is monumental. When we created Hungry & Fit in July 2012, we didn’t expect it to go much further than a “hobby blog,” documenting our cross-country moves and life changes. We knew that we would use it as a platform for personal training (KING Physical Performance, which I started in 2007, turned into Hungry & Fit LLC) and while our goal was to help people become happier and healthier, we never expected it to come this far, with such a small team at an extremely low cost, but enough of that!


On Saturday August 15th, Hungry & Fit will be hosting its first “public” event with the Bibimbap Backpackers and Barbell Brigade. We are launching a new online (YouTube/Blog) video series called “Hungry Eats…” and after having worked with the Bibimbap Backpackers twice before, we knew we wanted to start with “Hungry Eats Bibimbap” or something along those lines. We thought what better location to do this than at Barbell Brigade in downtown Los Angeles, where Hungry is a member who trains regularly.

We do have to apologize to all of our followers in New York, Colorado, and around the world but if you’re in LA county that weekend, be sure to stop by the event. If you want to come to LA for that weekend to attend the event, that would be awesome and we’d be sure to feature you! Hungry & Fit will be filming the episode inside a food truck with the Backpackers. Once the in-truck cooking portion is finished, we plan on taking the camera to the floor and finding out how people like this delicious, fresh, and healthy option that definitely fits your macros.  


We plan on having the truck be there with food available from roughly 1-4 pm so that everyone who finishes their workouts can get a nice post-workout meal/lunchtime meal. We’ll aim to make at least 100 bowls, but who knows, we want to make sure everyone there gets at least one free bowl! That’s right, I said free. There is no charge for members, it’s something we’re doing for you. (Thank the staff of Barbell Brigade for making it happen.) As always, $20 day passes will be available for purchase but unlike normal, everyone on a day pass can get a free bowl too. Food for everyone! There might also be some raffle prizes available so the value is insane. A workout, free food, and the chance at winning a raffle prize all for $20 for non-members; of course, as I said, free for members. 


If you’re interested in stopping by and not working out, email me personally at and we can figure something out, no one is left behind! Because eating bibimbap and dominating humbly is a surefire way to stay hungry and fit!

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  1. Sheri

    July 29, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    I hope you all have a fabulous experience feeding and entertaining the gym community. I look forward to the video! 🙂