Motivation: Get Your Goal

This motivation video is here to get you PUMPED and INSPIRED. We urge you to hit that pavement and work hard! Even though you’re tired or you had a bad day, you still go to the gym or wherever you get your exercise, and GET IT. Don’t let the day beat you–beat the day. 

Hungry & Fit standing tall and proud!
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The #1 Greatest Video Game of All Time

This is it. The final entry in H&F’s Greatest Video Game of All Time series. This is big-time stuff. This is our ultimate FAVORITE game ever in the world. These games are important to us, tied to who we are, and in our hearts. We’ve finally arrived. If you missed the others on our countdown, please check them out: #25,#24,#23,#22,#21,#20#19#18#17#16#15, #14#13#12#11#10, #9#8, #7#6, #5#4#3, and #2

#1 Greatest Video Game of All Time

Kai – Morrowind I struggled to decide which of my top 3 is my most favorite game, but in the end it had to be Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.  No other piece of art has ever transported me to another world like Morrowind.  The art, the lore, the music, and the quests all contribute to an amazing world that you can truly get lost in.

Like most Elder Scrolls games, you start out as a prisoner, this time exiled to the island of Vvardenfell, home of the dark elves or Dunmer.  You wake up as your ship reaches the harbor, with vague memories of a strange dream.  With only a vague instruction to meet with an Imperial agent named Caius, you’re dropped off into this strange world, with the freedom to take part in any of the hundreds of stories taking place throughout the land.
I’m not sure what it is that makes Morrowind so much better than the other Elder Scrolls games.  Perhaps it’s the lack of guidance and hand-holding, causing the player to feel like they’re exploring a wide-open world, rather than the set of fairly linear narratives in Skyrim and Oblivion.  There are great secrets hidden within the world and the game allows the player to find them rather than leading the player to them.  Also a tremendous amount of work and care was put into the art and lore to really make the world feel real and it really shows.  The graphics don’t quite hold up anymore (at the time they were amazing), but the game is still really engrossing.  
If you want to see the best of what gaming has to offer, you have to try Morrowind.

Q&A: Can I Drink Milk and Have a 6-Pack?

In this video, Hungry answers a question about whether you can drink milk and get a nice six-pack. Everyone is different when it comes to dieting, exercise, and body changes, of course, but he explains what he has done his whole life, and what you could do. He supports milk, but he also offers up other options for those who are really struggling with getting that highly-desirable six-pack.

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Fuel Your Adventures

What are summers for? Adventures. Beach-bumming, camping, road trips, cookouts, picnics, backpacking, and so on. Are you getting excited yet? I am. Tastes of grilled cheeses, s’mores, sangria, burgers, and ice cream. Now, you must be getting excited. Summer adventures are the best: the remaining shades of sunburn on your skin tingling as the sun dips down into nightfall where family and friends galore get together for some grub. Everyone has their own summer dream and that’s what’s fun about it: with everyone’s differing ideas, you get to experience a little of everything. 

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Personal Training: Choosing a Specialty

There are tons of personal trainers and fitness coaches out there. As a health-seeker or enthusiast trying to get in your best shape possible, you need to find someone that has the knowledge to work with you specifically, and the ability to relate to your goals. As an aspiring fitness professional, use a specialty or specialties to increase your marketability and continue to train the clients that you enjoy working with for longevity in the industry.

In this video, Fit addresses all of you looking for the right trainer to reach your goals without spending a ton or wasting money on trainers that aren’t right for you. Hungry uses his experience to explain to new trainers how they can make themselves more desirable by finding area where they excel. 

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The Future of Dragonball Z – Resurrection of F, Super, and Beyond

Akira Toriyama has provided us with quite the roller coaster since we met Son Goku when the Dragonball manga was first released in 1984. Two animes based off the original 42 volumes, 19 feature films, countless video games, trading card games, the infamous GT, and the remake of Z known as Kai, have been the highs and lows of that thrill ride. While highlights such as the Frieza and Android saga offset the dips of GT and some questionable films, fans are here… over 20 years later, wanting more.  dbz1

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Neuro: Drink with a Purpose

Sleep. Bliss. Sonic. Daily.

You wouldn’t typically think of these words when you’re thinking of beverages. Sure, there might be a few drinks that relate to one of those words, but no more than that. There is one exception though… neuro. You’ve probably seen it before in those vibrant colored bottles with an interesting shape to say the least.  Neuro’s relationship to these words could be the result of them being right there on the bottle as you’re drinking, or there might be a deeper and more meaningful reason.

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Hungry & Fit Gamecast: Launched on YouTube

This is an exciting moment for Team H&F and the Nerdy Neanderthal for taking the lead in creating and hosting the Gamecast. Just as the blog was a work in progress in the beginning (and it still is) this podcast will also see significant changes and improvements over time. We’ve introduced Scott, known as the Nerdy Neanderthal, before but here is a re-introduction. You better get used to him, since you’ll be hearing a lot more from him! 

The Gamecast will be a little on the nerdy side, discussing various types of gaming, but we will let you know what the topics discussed are so you know if you want to listen. These are a great way to pass time during commutes, long sessions on cardio equipment, or wherever you fancy. The best part is… they’re free! We’ll have guests, different speakers, will invite our followers (YOU) to participate remotely so this will be a blast. They will be posted on our YouTube channel for now, until they are more developed. At that time, we’ll deliver them to you through downloadable files, on iTunes and such. (Still free, always!)

Here is the first one, a little sample, mostly for testing purposes but full of amazing information and discussion about gaming in 2015. Alana and Chris aren’t in this one but please give Scott your attention. Here are some fun cards to get a better idea about who you’ll be listening to. Credit for these amazing character sheets goes to Nerdy Neanderthal, all this was his hard and high quality work, as an important member of the team!
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Top 5 Inspirational Females in Fitness

A while ago, we posted our “Top 5 Male Fitness Personalities on YouTube” (we also did Hungry’s Top 10 Fitness Heroes) and although we don’t get as many comments as we used to on our other host (LEAVE MORE PEOPLE!), there was one that really got our attention. Someone requested a list of the five most influential females in fitness. At first I thought, sure, no problem. Then it began to haunt me and I realized that I bit off more than I could chew. Martial arts, sports, fitness, aquatics, athletics, and more are all “fitness” and there are countless qualified candidates for this list. 

Thus, I’ve finally decided to take on this monumental task the only way that I know… without any preparation, research, or any kind of grading rubric. I am going to think of decades of females in fitness within a few minutes and deliver to you a list of five that are nothing but pure inspiration. Anyone should be able to look at these five and immediately feel more than motivated to get to work and make some changes for the better.

Well, I guess there are some overall factors that influenced my decisions. No matter how inspirational they are this list will include… No one that tells you constantly to buy products that don’t work. No one that’s been “in the industry” for less than a year. No one that gives you incorrect nutritional advice or inaccurate explanations of exercises. You don’t get bonus points for having ten million followers over all your social media. AND I am trying to represent different communities in fitness because even though one person requested this list, I am creating it for everyone.

And in NO particular order…

Abby Wambach – The Women’s World Cup is upon us and Abby will lead a team that has a #scoretosettle. She’s a total beast, tougher than the men that hit the pitch, who might go down but doesn’t stay down. She’s also a great role model for the LBGT community, showing that one doesn’t have to hide anything but also doesn’t have to extremely outspoken. She lives the life she wants, has a positive influence on others, is one of the top female athletes in the world, and still rocks the pages of the ESPN Body Issue, butt-naked.abby

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