How to Like Greek Yogurt

I’ve been there. I’ve been handed my first Greek yogurt (it was the new magical thing), I’ve dug my spoon into the yogurt with anticipation, and I’ve stuck my tongue out with disappointed disgust. For me, at least, Greek yogurt was not a love at first sight. It was a hill to climb to enjoy it. The thickness, the sourness–it was hard to get down. I’m pretty sure I made a retching sound and handed it back to whoever gave it to me in the first place. Not dramatic at all. Why am I telling you this? Because now I love Greek yogurt! I got there because it’s full of protein and it’s a great part of my nutrition. And you can too. Follow these 5 steps.

An evening snack of Greek yogurt and Bonne Mamam preserves

1. Mix it into a recipe. This may seem like nothing, but it really is something. You could use Greek yogurt in a savory or sweet dish. By incorporating Greek yogurt into your recipes, you’re kind of tricking your taste buds to this foreign substance. Since it’s really mixed in with other ingredients, it’s easier to get the good without the bad.

2. Start with the fruit cups. By fruit cups, I mean the Greek yogurt already mixed in with the fruit (or fruit syrup). This means the “Strawberry,” “Blueberry” etc yogurts. Why is this already the second step? Because these yogurt cups are loaded with sugar. It’s not just sugar mixed with yogurt–it’s more of a sugary fruit syrup. This is a great way to continue easing into it because the fruit flavor covers up the natural flavor of Greek yogurt. You may want to stay on this step for a while until your mouth is used to the thickness. 

3. Mix plain 0% Greek yogurt with honey. Now you’re getting into the real deal. I still use honey sometimes to mix into my Greek yogurt. You’re getting the good, pure 22g of protein from the raw unflavored Greek yogurt. You’re taking a chance and I’m proud of you for it. If you need to use a lot of honey at first, that’s fine. Mix it in so it’s really “honey” Greek yogurt. You could also just get the cups that already have the honey mixed in.

4. Mix plain 0% Greek yogurt with fresh-cut fruit. You’re at the ELITE level now. Nothing can stop you. You have mastered the thickness and you don’t even notice the sourness anymore. With each bite, you can feel the protein coursing through you, making you stronger. The fruit is just a bonus at this point–it’s not syrupy or overly-sugared. It’s simple, fresh fruit, adding some vitamins to your bowl. 

5. Mix plain 0% Greek yogurt with whatever you want! You’re the master now. You don’t need my words of encouragement–you got this. You mix it in with oatmeal, granola–whatever you freaking want! This is YOUR yogurt now.


Congrats! You made it through the five steps of mastery! Greek yogurt isn’t so bad now? It’s all about slowly steeping yourself into the Greek yogurt culture (see what I did there). Greek yogurt really does have an amazing protein count, and if you get the plain, you don’t get all the sugar with it. Great snack and can be a great meal too with the right additions. Feel free to ask any questions about Greek yogurt or Greek yogurt recipes below. Eat Greek yogurt to stay hungry and fit!


sleepy kitty

sleepy kitty

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  1. RunningForHope

    June 24, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Is it bad to add an artificial sweetener to greek yogurt like splenda?

    • hungryandfit

      July 7, 2015 at 9:53 pm

      We typically don’t use artificial sweeteners, so unfortunately I can’t advise on this :/