Our Last Few Weeks in Pics

We’ve had a lot of fun the past few weeks–but a lot of our pictures are from the annual Field Day camping trip! Enjoy!

Cool new lamps

Cool new lamps

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BMI and Why You Shouldn’t Worry About It

You might not be a numbers person and you might have failed college math. Well, don’t stress yourself out any more by dealing with this number, BMI. I know… those are three letters but they represent a number that means… nothing to you! Your body mass index is supposed to give you an idea of what physical condition you are in, but it might not always be the most accurate for every individual. In this video, Hungry tells you why other numbers, including measurements and body fat percentage, will provide you with a much better idea about your overall health. 

THIS guy's BMI says he's obese...there's something wrong with that

THIS guy’s BMI says he’s obese…there’s something wrong with that

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Bootcamp MMA Circuit Workout

All you need for this workout is something to hit, whether it’s a punching bag or a friend with a pillow. Check out this video for a new free circuit training workout that targets many primary muscle groups and can really challenge you to use your body weight to increase your strength and conditioning. Hungry used his background in martial arts and contact sports to create this specific workout. He also uses his lack of background in style to look so cool while doing it. 

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“Leftovers” Quiche Recipe

You ever have that time where you have vegetables that are about to go bad, but aren’t quite there? But you always seem to have an overflow of eggs? This happens fairly often in our apartment since we are always on the go. Luckily, I know just the recipe to solve this situation! When in doubt, make a quiche! This is a very easy recipe that doesn’t take much working time–and it’s great to make for the week!

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Limiting Factors: The Keys to Your Success

In this video, Hungry introduces a concept that has helped him reach high levels of competition and build stronger professional and collegiate athletes. If you ever train with him, you’ll surely hear “limiting factors” be thrown around often, instead of strengths and weaknesses. It’s the key to his strategy to help not only performance athletes, but also the average Jack and Jill. Find out what is preventing you from reaching your goals, target them, and improve drastically. 

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How to Like Greek Yogurt

I’ve been there. I’ve been handed my first Greek yogurt (it was the new magical thing), I’ve dug my spoon into the yogurt with anticipation, and I’ve stuck my tongue out with disappointed disgust. For me, at least, Greek yogurt was not a love at first sight. It was a hill to climb to enjoy it. The thickness, the sourness–it was hard to get down. I’m pretty sure I made a retching sound and handed it back to whoever gave it to me in the first place. Not dramatic at all. Why am I telling you this? Because now I love Greek yogurt! I got there because it’s full of protein and it’s a great part of my nutrition. And you can too. Follow these 5 steps.

An evening snack of Greek yogurt and Bonne Mamam preserves
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Fun Tough Summer Workout Circuit

Check out this video if you’re looking for a fun, yet effective way of not just getting that summer look but also building your strength and conditioning level. Maybe you want to look better while you play sports on the beach with your friends or family. Maybe you want to finish that final peak on your summer hikes while on vacation. These simple exercises don’t require the most expensive equipment and we suggest modifications for what you may not have. 

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30-Minute Bodyweight Workout

We <3 infographics! This one is all about exercise and also a specific bodyweight workout with no equipment necessary! As if you needed another reason to workout, right?! This is all about how exercise and lack of exercise impacts you and your body. I may even do this workout tonight during the halftime of the US v Columbia soccer game!! This infographic is put together by our friends at FIX!
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If You Won the Lottery…

Happy Sunday! We hope everyone had a great Father’s Day–we sure did! This YouTube video is about what we would do if we won the lottery. We ask each other three questions: 

photo (13)
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Super-Powered Protein Powder

How’s that for an internal slant rhyme! Alright, down to business. You’ve heard us talk about Sunwarrior protein powder and all its goodness before. Can things really get better for this one-protein-fits-all? Apparently, they can! Sunwarrior recently came out with the Classic Plus

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