How Will You Spring Clean this Year?

Gaiam has some awesome personality tests and I love personality tests. The past fun ones have been which element are you and what your 2015 mantra should be. For me…”fire” and “I’ve Got This.” I’d say that is a deadly combo. We love these personality tests because they are fun, but also inspiring! They give you insight into who you are and how you can better fulfill yourself. The newest one came out yesterday called the “Clean Eating Quiz.”

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They want to know–and in turn help you to know–how clean or dirty you are. In what respects? you may be asking. Clean EATING of course. That may sound boring, but it’s still a fun little quiz. The choices help you break down to where you really need to clean–what needs to be cleansed and how. In the end, you’ll put your email in, and it’ll suggest way to “clean” yourself up–with a cleanse and some yoga. We could all use a little of both. 

So…are you brave enough to take the quiz and see how dirty you really are? Post the results below! And as always, stay hungry and fit!



Beware the Text Neck

On Saturday, April 4th, the LA Times came out with an article called “Head’s up on ‘text neck'” in their awesome Saturday Mind & Body section. I believe this is one of many articles, studies and research journals that are to come in the future. Why are they coming our way? Because of our current lifestyle habits regarding electronics. It’s frightening to think how quickly cell phones, tablets, and such invaded our lives and started messing with our posture and behavior. It’s also frightening how much this behavior can severely damage our bodies–especially our spines. 

Talk about bad posture

Talk about bad posture

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Staying Clean while Getting Lean

No one wants to be the person in the office, or the roommate, or the significant other that has to hide their smelly gym bag in the deepest and darkest corners of their closet. You know there’s a serious problem when that awesome designer sack that you splurged on to motivate you to actually go to the gym this year smells worse than the cat litter… or trash can… or garbage disposal… or compost. (Does anyone actually compost? No seriously, comment below.)
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How to Have a Good Morning

The mornings are the start to our day. I’m wildly observant, I know. Why does it matter that the mornings are the start to our day? Because we get a period of time to set the mood, tone, intention or whatever you want to call it for the rest of the day. Most of us often feel rushed and frazzled in the morning which doesn’t quite set up a productive, peaceful day. Most mornings I felt like this, barely having enough time to throw food down my gullet. So I made a decision to wake up an hour earlier: at 5:30am instead of 6:30. The difference it made is remarkable.

Sleepy puppy

Sleepy puppy

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Five MORE Reasons to Sleep with your Dog

I came across this post of why sleeping with your dog is awesome a few days ago, and while I agree with these very warm and loving ideas, here are a few more that come to mind.

One of Fit's favorite pictures

One of Fit’s favorite pictures

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#10 Greatest Video Game of All Time

We’ve finally cracked the Top 10 of our 25 Greatest Video Games of All Time list! How exciting! This list comprises all of our favorite games from 5 different people with different backgrounds. If you are unfamiliar with this list, then check the following out:  #25, #24,#23, #22, #21, #20#19#18#17#16#15, #14#13#12, and #11. Let the top ten start…now!

Kai – The Secret of Monkey Island: Monkey Island Monkey Island is hilarious.  Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer created a world that is a parody of every pirate movie ever made.  As the best game released during the “golden age” of (now defunkt) LucasArts’ point and click adventures, Monkey Island is a perfect representation of the fun, laid back attitude of those SCUMM-based games.  

In terms of gameplay, you have a set of adjectives you can apply to the environment and anything you pick up along the way.  It’s a puzzle/exploration game that forces you to try and think logically about the world and come up with interesting solutions.  
It has a great theme as well, with wonderful writing and expressive 2D pixel art.  Maybe it’s because of when I played it (I was 9 or 10), but the game is iconic in a way that few games have replicated.  So many distinct images and moments stick with me from it.  Each character made an impression, despite being a collection of pixels and a few written sentences.  
If you’re looking to spend a week in a hilarious pirate adventure I can’t recommend Monkey Island highly enough.

Hungry’s Top 10 – Fitness Heroes

In NO particular order, these people have inspired me to achieve great things. And even though I’ve fallen far from my greatest physical achievements, these are some of the only people in the world that can push me to climb back up the mountain. Remember, I’ve been a competitive athlete in many sports for my whole life; this list is 25 years in the making. (These are literally the first ten names I thought of today)

1. Hercules – It’s unfair really, he’s not even real. Still, Kevin Sorbo’s portrayal on the Legendary Journeys captivated me for half a decade. My father has called me “Herc” for over twenty years. Whenever I think something isn’t possible, I call upon the power of Olympus and push through. 


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Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Don’t you just wish you could gnaw on? Something tasty that didn’t sit like a rock on your stomach? Some kind of dessert…maybe cookies…chocolate chip cookies…sounding better by the minute! I have a solution for you as we near swimsuit season: healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (they ALSO have raisins–added bonus). This recipe is very simple and features a new protein powder we’ve been trying!

It’s called Clean Lean Protein by NuZest (a kiwi company! How do we get so lucky?!)–and the ingredients are rather incredible. Most have no more than five ingredients and it’s composed of things like “Pea Protein Isolate,” “Vanilla,” “Strawberry,” “Red Beet” and other wonderful things. Usually protein powders have an insanely long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Clean Lean Protein brings along this simple protein powder that actually doesn’t taste like cardboard! Although I used it in a baking recipe here, I’ve also used it for smoothies and shakes and it definitely hits the spot (it mixes well in a shaker cup too–huge plus). If you use hungry20 to buy a NuZest product, you can get 20% PLUS free shipping. Click here to get to their website. Don’t forget to enter in the contest below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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