What’s a Good Candy Substitute?

FROZEN GRAPES! I kid you not. This is a family favorite of mine and I brought it into my own household and Hungry loved it! I don’t want you to be grumbly that I’m proposing fruit instead of candy–I always hear backtalk on that one. I promise you, this is different. When you’re feeling that sweet tooth call, don’t ignore it–trick it. That’s right. Your body is craving sugar (for any number of reasons due to nature or nurture) and you’re thinking of all the candy you could shove down your gullet. I dare you to give this candy substitute a chance.

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Enter frozen oblong shapes of pure joy…that is, frozen grapes. Luckily, I grew up with this always being stocked in the freezer. Others may think it strange, but I promise that you will be hooked once you start. There are many factors to this. One, grapes do indeed have sugar. In fact, they are pure carbohydrates aka sugar. However, it’s the kind of sugar that your pancreas appreciates instead of other processed garbage you’d normally find in candy. Two, it’s a frozen treat. For some reason, we humans are drawn to delicious frozen treats, no matter the season! When the grapes freeze, or are half-frozen even, it becomes a delicious bite of yummy freshness. There’s something about grapes when they are frozen that they just seem like candy. It always feels like you’re treating or spoiling yourself. 

With fitness, health, and goals, it’s important to take small steps. You can’t just cut out sugar all together or go on a crash diet…things don’t work for the long-term like that. If you’re trying to cut back on processed sugars like in candy, for instance, try frozen grapes. It’s very simple. Wash the grapes, put them in a bowl, and put them in a freezer! You can use any kind of grape you want–even seedless. It really feels like a treat and you can trick your mind into feeling happy and satisfied with such a snack. Your body will thank you later. Let us know what you think of the frozen grapes! And as always, stay hungry and fit!


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  1. healthymommy4life

    November 18, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    This is amazing. I just put some grapes in the freezer this afternoon. I read some where that it is a great candy substitute. I definitely have a sweet tooth so I’m hoping this does the trick.