AMPY: A Charger Worth Running For

Recently, I learned about a new gadget in the fitness industry and I am quite excited about it. I have not tried it yet, but I thought I would share the news with you because I’m excited for it! I found it through a fitness newsletter I receive and learned more about it on Kickstarter. It’s called AMPY. It was created by a few PhD students from Northwestern who met together in a class. They had a great idea and ran with it. Do you know about those flashlights that turn on after you shake them? It uses kinetic energy. And guess what? So does AMPY.

You’re probably wanting the specifics. So I will give them to you! AMPY is a device charger that uses energy from motion. How freaking cool is that! Kinetic energy–pure and simple. This personal, clean energy, folks! You might be asking, “HOW?!” Well, AMPY is a wearable device in many different formats. You can strap it to your arm while you run, you can put it in your pocket as you walk, or around your leg while you bike! AMPY will literally generate energy while you bustle your way around town. Once you get to your destination, you can take it off yourself and charge whatever needs charging–anything with a USB port. I seriously can’t get over what a creative and useful idea this is. 



Besides being totally awesome and useful by generating clean energy for our personal use, AMPY also comes with a pretty neat app. It will tell you how much energy you’ve generated, how many calories you’ve burned, and your carbon footprint offset! You can then share the daily info with friends on social media. Although the app isn’t necessary for the device to work, it still looks pretty cool to use. 

This is the perfect tool to have on you (literally) at all times because we know what a bummer it is to have a device run out of juice when you really need it. With AMPY, you can just plug in easy, peasy. Now remember, I have not used it yet as it’s not out to the public. I am simply bringing the knowledge that I have learned researching this product. It’s something I want to back–it’s only on Kickstarter for a few more weeks now. I’m always interested about the newest fitness gadget and I am absolutely thrilled when they are creative like this. I am looking forward to trying it out! You should take a peek at it and see if it’s worth your money. And as always…stay hungry and fit!


*Question of the Day: Are you interested in AMPY?

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