Talk Like a Pirate (Sweat Like One Too!) Workout


Happy Friday! And more importantly…Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!! Today is the international day where you shouldn’t be judged for talking like a pirate. In fact, it’s encouraged! Today, we got featured on FitFluential, for an epic pirate-themed workout. You can do this workout anywhere, and you certainly don’t want to miss out. Check out the article here. Happy reading! Below is an excerpt:

“On International Talk Like a Pirate Day, why would you ever want to workout like you do every other single day of the year? Whether it’s CrossFit, strength training on machines, or with free weights, doing an endurance workout, or something at home, we all know that you’re going to do the same workout as always. Why? How about this… today, we do something FUN. ARRRRR you interested yet?

Pirates and ninjas… everyone loves them. You do, or your kids do so you do anyway. Pirates, unfortunately, have a bad reputation BUT what you don’t ever think about is… are pirates in good shape? Sure, they drink a lot of rum, but they actually must be really fit. Imagine swimming, rowing, and sword fighting all day. Maybe they didn’t do it all day, but carrying all those barrels of rum around couldn’t have been easy! And if you think about, look at Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean. Pretty fit, right? So let’s give this a shot. (No pun intended… pirate’s pistol. Shot. Get it?)

I should have to walk the plank for that bad pun but instead, let’s workout like a PIRATE!”


And as always…stay hungry and fit!

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