Boulder’s Best Burger is at 4580

I love burgers. And when I can’t make it to White Manna in Hackensack (NJ) I’m never happy with the burger that I eat. In terms of international burger quality, I somewhat recently had what was most likely my best burger outside of the United States in New Zealand at Burger Fuel but I’ve struggled to find a burger I really enjoy while living in Boulder the last few years.

I’ve eaten in their entirety the best burgers that The Buff, The Med, The Cork, Mountain Sun, Smashburger, Snarfburger, Mustard’s Last Stand, FATE Brewing Company, Five Guys, Turley’s, and many other popular locations in town. I won’t go into detail about those experiences here but I will say that Restaurant 4580 has been awarded “Hungry’s Best Burger & Fries” in Boulder, Colorado. Here’s why.

Dig this deliciousness

Dig this deliciousness

Value: About $10 for the standard burger with lettuce, tomato, and onions. And fries, of course. I add blue cheese and bacon for an extra $2.50, which is well worth it. So you have $12.50 for a plate that will fill up the vast majority of just about anyone’s stomach. (Trust me, I can eat more than you!)

Taste: They always have a chef’s choice burger that changes every week but you can make it how you want. The flavor profile created by the high quality basic ingredients with the bite of the blue cheese and the fat of the bacon create a confusing yet delightful feeling on your taste buds. 

Cooking it Right: When I ask for Medium-Rare a touch on the rare side, they make it that way. Other locations listed above have made the burgers much further done than I ordered. The onions are also grilled, which is far better than getting a slab of raw red onion on your burger. That is just lazy. 

The Fries: These might easily be the best fries in Boulder. They are crispy but never overcooked. They are not dry but also are not soaked in grease. The portion size is great and the kicker is the course salt they use to dress the fries. They’re amazing and never make it home.

There you have it. Those are my reasons that after tasting many of Boulder’s burgers I am telling you stop by 4580 for one. It is reasonably priced for the portion (steak is mixed into the burger patty), you can customize the burger so the taste is spot on, they cook it how you want it done, and the fries are simply the best. Also, 4580 just had a very nice remodel done so it’s worth checking it you. (I also highly recommend the spinach-artichoke dip. Fit claims it is the best she has ever had!

Wanted to take a full picture, but ate too much before that could happen...

Wanted to take a full picture, but ate too much before that could happen…

Other good eats

Other good eats

Obviously, I have not had EVERY burger in Boulder and I have been told Reuben’s is the best, but people also told me that I would like Smashburger so trust no one and find out for yourself. But trust me if you want to stay hungry and fit

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