Beat Average

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GNC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you seen GNC's new commercial? I feel like I've been showing everyone lately. GNC  is centering their new campaign about beating average (#BeatAverage). We are ALL about this. Who wants to be average when you could be so much more? I find it absolutely inspiring and motivating. Look at the commercial below. 

How awesome is that commercial? There are so many truths in it. How often have you made an excuse in order to not workout? How many times have you "forgotten" to workout? It happens to all of us. But GNC is challenging us to be greater, to be stronger, to be more focused. GNC is here to help us beat average. I appreciate that which is why I've been trying to show everyone that commercial, to inspire them to beat average. 

GNC has been around for almost 80 years, originally called the General Nutrition Center. It started in Pittsburgh as a place to go to live well and perform at your very best level. This is still very relevant today. If you aren't performing at your best level, why are you performing at all? When we strive, we should strive for the top of the top. We should be pushing our mind and body to get to that point we haven't ever achieved before. Average is blah, average is not for winners. Average is for those who want to just "get on" through life. No push, no struggle, no achievement. When you work hard, the rewards are endless

Average Won't Cut It - Blog photo 86952fd7-e9a4-4c2c-af92-f9ee3ec2dc19_zpsc4868efd.png

I hope many are with me when I say I want to conquer "Average." Let's conquer and beat Average. No longer do we need a society with run-of-the-mill people. Let's push to the top, push ourselves to struggle through the pain for the path to greatness. If you're with me for this, stop over to GNC Live Well and join #TeamGNC along with Hungry and I. Average is not for us. Beat average to stay hungry and fit!

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